Real estate thought leadership

Roles: art direction, visual design, print-ready file preparation, social images, email design & development

Goals & planning.

Making data-heavy informational pieces engaging and easy to read. Qualitative research pieces full of charts and graphs had to still balance clarity and beauty so readers would be interested.

Art direction & implementation.

The color palette was limited to stay on brand for each piece, so the interest was added through expansive photography, white space and small infographic elements based on passages of text.

Research paper cover Research paper open spread Industrial brochure Industrial brochure

page spreads
three interior pages Research paper cover Open spread Healthcare paper
Spread detail Spread detail

Emails & social posts

To get more people to download research ebooks, several image-based social campaigns were conceptualized to offer tidbits of information and drive them toward full PDFs.

social post creation  social post creation  social post creation
email newsletter