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Art direction Design UI

wish this

A wishlist that keeps track of discounts so you don't have to

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App design foer a wishlist NKF corporate materials and whitepapers


Real estate thought leadership

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600 lex

Marketing future high end office spaces

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Branding and email design for a real estate property Eisenhower Parkway website


Showcasing the expanse of a suburban office park

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Making designers relevant again

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FUSE marketing conference website & collateral OmniShopper website


For shopping for the 21st century

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mind & body

Tracking your health has never been so elegant

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Mind & Body app Website for Marketing Analytics

marketing analytics

Growth hacking: expert techniques described

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shopper int'l

Understand how people shop—in Europe!

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International Shopper conference website

About me

I strive to create thoughtful designs that solve problems and elevate brands. It's not just about things looking sophisticated and modern, but about reaching business objectives.

Originally trained in fine art, I stumbled onto the work of some talented web designers way back when. I tinkered and tinkered with code until I figured out how it works. Curiosity led me halfway; formal training helped learn why things work. Design theory, marketing analysis, business strategies and all that. It's not enough to just create beautiful things.

Also, I can fake nice calligraphy really well. It's a hit with the birthday-card-writing business.

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